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NASCAR Driver and EMMY Winning Actor Team Up to Deliver Responsible Driving and Environmental Messages with NOYS

Contributed by The Wire

NASCAR® driver Tayler Malsam and Emmy winning actor Bryton James have joined with Malsam's sponsor G-OIL® to form a unique alliance to develop traffic safety messaging for NOYS® and RADD® in support of the launch of Global Youth Traffic Safety Month® in May, 2012.
The leading cause of death for young American children, teens and young adults, ages 5 to 24, is motor vehicle crashes.1 In 2009 about 3,000 teens in the United States aged 15 to 19 were killed and more than 350,000 were treated in emergency departments for injuries suffered in motor-vehicle crashes.2   Under the direction of WM Marketing, the group's mission is to use the leverage of NASCAR and the interest of youth going green as a springboard to promote personal responsibility for our planet and its people, especially teens.
"Sustainability, a word linked to environmental practices, is really the long-term maintenance of responsibility," said Jeffrey Loch, President, and CMO of Green Earth Technologies, makers of G-OIL, America's first and only American Petroleum Institute, and USDA BioPreferred® certified bio-based full-synthetic motor oil. "Tayler and Bryton are perfect ambassadors as we team up with NOYS and RADD to help our youth recognize that personal responsibility extends beyond traffic safety to the environment."
"Launching at Daytona, Florida, with the support of the Florida Department of Transportation, RADD was proud to team up with G-Oil, NOYS, Bryton and Tayler to help promote year-round safety throughout the NASCAR Nationwide Series, beginning with a ramp up to May as Global Youth Traffic Safety Month. This partnership is a great way to spread our shared mission of living a safe and sustainable life style," said Erin Meluso, president of RADD, the Entertainment Industry's Voice for Road Safety.
"NOYS is grateful that young leaders like Bryton and Tayler are joining forces to help us make some "noise" for Global Youth Traffic Safety Month. Joining together with G-Oil, Bryton and Tayler, we'll support traffic safety and environmentally safe resources to sustain a safe and healthy world, said Sandy Spavone," executive director of National Organizations for Youth Safety® (NOYS).
The team's spokespersons are rising lights in different worlds. Tayler Malsam, 23, driver of the #19 G-Oil Toyota Camry in the NASCAR Nationwide Series earned runner-up honors as 2009 Rookie of the Year in NASCAR's Camping World Truck Series. Bryton, 24, an Emmy winning star of CBS' daytime drama "The Young & The Restless" has been a philanthropist since he was a child star on "Family Matters." Together and separately, they support the team's complementary road safety charities, NOYS and RADD, both of which are also supported by Toyota Motor Sales, USA.
Bryton will help voice-over future G-OIL commercials and appear at selected NASCAR races. Malsam and the #19 G-OIL Toyota Camry team will work with WM Marketing and RADD to create opportunities throughout the year to "Make NOYS" by raising awareness among teens and adults that personal responsibility - for the environment and each other's safety is the only sound choice.

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