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Minutes Paper Saving Project

Contributed by WITC Rice Lake

Article by: Courtney Krenzke-Masrud
Pictured Left to Right: Jennifer Zinsmaster (Local Parliamentarian) and Sarah Heller (Local President)

The Local Rice Lake BPA learned last semester the WITC Rice Lake campus prints about 283,227 pages of paper in just on semester. This is an average of $14,000 every semester. Because of the high expense the college has started to charge for printing; therefore, any printing for done for the club would have to come out of a members own account. So the Local Rice Lake BPA has adopted a few proceedures to help save on the cost of printing.

First, the Rice Lake BPA e-mails out the minutes a few days before each meeting and ask for any corrections. This gives members an opportunity to read and correct the minutes before we get to meet helping to eliminate the number of errors. When, minutes have errors they have to be reprinted and reapproved.

Second, the Rice Lake BPA has stopped preprinting minutes for members for each meeting. Because we did not always have a definate number of people attending every meeting, we were continually printing too many minutes which resulted in a waste of paper and ink. Now BPA members have two options for viewing the minutes at meeting. Number one, they can preprint a copy of the minutes for themselves to bring to the meeting from the e-mail. Number two, members can view the minutes on the overhead PowerPoint that Sarah Heller puts together for every meeting.

Third, members can download the minutes off the Local Rice Lake BPA Local Archives Web page. As soon as the minutes are approved they are loaded on the the Web page at www.bpa.org/c/ricelake/5

Members seem to be liking these options because it gives them the right to choose what they want with out wasting anyone's personal printing allowance. Some members like to keep copies of all the minutes for themselves while other would throw them away as soon as the meeting is over because they don't like to keep track of them.

" I love not having a pile of minutes that have to be thrown away at the end of the meeting!" Courtney Krenzke-Masrud "We save so much paper this way and yet those who want to have a paper copy can!"

.5 hours per set of minutes to upload to site & insert into PowerPoint x 10 sets of minutes = 5 hours

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