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Facebook 31-Day Challenge Wrap-Up!

Contributed by The Wire

BPA 31-Day Challenge ended two weeks ago and we are finally ready to reveal the prize for members who posted every day, as well as the over all winner of the Challenge!

Over the course of October, more than 1500 posts were made to the Business Professionals of America Facebook page. Members posted about BPA people, places, competitions, and more. Chapters presented their accomplishments proudly, and members showed off their creativity!

The National Officers spent time pouring over the post resumes of many members, and by a narrow vote, Nick Botelho was chosen as the winner of the challenge over all. Congratulations, Nick! Nick will receive a FlipCam HD as a reward for his hard work.

Nick isn't the only one who won a prize for posting on the site all month. Any member who posted every single day will receive a special one-time-only Business Professionals of America ballcap with "31-Day Challenge" stitched on the side of the hat. This hat, unstitched, is available at the BPA Mall, but will never be available again with the "31-Day Challenge" stitching. The hat is a badge of honor, owned only by the following 18 members who posted all 31 days:
<br />This cap, with a special "31-Day Challege"
 stitching across the side, will be sent to each member who posted all 
31 days.
This cap, with a special "31-Day Challege" stitching across the side, will be sent to each member who posted all 31 days.
The Visit our Facebook page and keep clicking at the bottom for "more posts" to browse the challenge's posts. At the official 31 Day Challenge page on our site, you can get a list of winners for each day of the challenge, and a link directly to those posts. Winners for each day won a BPA laptop sleeve, misc. BPA item, and a BPA pin. The winners of the last 11 days also won a T-shirt.

Prizes have not yet been mailed, but they will be soon! Winners will receive an e-mail the day their items are mailed. Thank you for your patience.

We are so grateful for everyone's participation in the BPA 31-Day Facebook Challenge! It was a huge success, better than we even anticipated. The best result of all is that we all got insight into each other's BPA world, seeing the creativity, heart, and fun that every chapter has.

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