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BPA Members Rise to the Challenge

Contributed by The Wire

The Business Professionals of America Facebook 31-Day challenge has been going on for 20 days now and has been a huge success!

The brainchild of BPA's 2011-2012 National Officer team, the 31-Day Challenge has been an explosion of social network activity on BPA's Facebook page. Nearly 1200 posts have been made to the Facebook page this month, ranging from photos of new chapter members, cheers for your states, to reasons to love BPA, and more. Visit our Facebook page and browse what BPA members have been posting all month.

Each day, the creator of the best post (as selected by the National Officer team) is awarded a laptop sleeve, BPA pin and other miscellaneous BPA item (the winner must be a BPA member to receive the prize). But for the last part of the month, since the challenges get harder, we're upping the stakes for the prizes, too!

Starting today (October 21), winners will receive a BPA T-shirt in addition to the prizes mentioned above. So even if you're just getting in on the challenge, do your best and you could get a great prize pack.

Click here to see a list of students who have participated every day, plus a list of winners and challenges.

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