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NOYS Announces BPA Logo Design Winners

Contributed by The Wire

BPA members Brooke  from Forsyth High School, Montana  and Ashlee from Mentor High School, Ohio have been announced  as the winners of the NOYS National Bullying Prevention Month Logo and Tagline Design Contest.

Last month, BPA announced an exclusive contest for BPA membersto produce a logo/tagline for the bullying prevention section of the NOYS website. NOYS is in the process of developing a toolkit for bullying prevention campaigns, programs of work, and contests for the 2011/2012 school year, and the toolkit needs a creative, engaging, and effective design that spreads awareness about bullying prevention.

The students who created the chosen logo/tagline will receive recognition on the NOYS Violence Prevention Website via picture and short biography, in the Notable NOYS Newsletter, and will receive a certificate of appreciation for volunteering for a national nonprofit youth health and safety coalition. 

Brooke is involved in Business Professionals of America and Speech and Drama. In BPA she is going to compete in the Presentation Management Team, Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design Promotion events. 

The topic of bullying is important to her.  Even though she has never personally experienced much bullying in her life, a couple of her family members have. Brooke stated "I don't want anyone to experience the mental or physical pain bullying can cause. I entered this contest because I love to design, and I want to assist the campaign to stop bullying."

Ashlee hopes to be a successful actress. Her wish is to be in front of the camera for major motion pictures and tv. She has been in short films and a play and is very outgoing. In BPA she is in Interactive Media to gain knowledge about behind the scenes of television and film. She states "I will act throughout my life but I also plan on working behind the scenes like, directing and writing scripts. Right now I am working on my own short film."

Ashlee stated " How I came up with the idea of the tag line ("Speak Up. Speak Out") was that it was a generalization of how it could help against bullying. By speaking up, it could mean that if there is a bully you could speak to an adult about it. By speaking out, you could raise awareness of things that are going on in schools, or in your neighborhood."   

Congratulations to the winners!

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