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Membership and Recruiting Using Technology

Contributed by Idaho State University

(Note: This story was written and submitted by Idaho State University BPA. Your chapter can publish stories about your chapter, too! Click here for information about the BPA.org Custom Chapter System.)

How do Idaho State University members of Business Professionals of America include students from satellite campuses?  They use SKYPE!

Members of the ISU chapter come from three campuses spanning more than 100 miles.  The chapter BPA members of Idaho State University have utilized technology to include anyone who wants to be a part of the organization.  Utilizing the technology available motivates members who would not otherwise join BPA and makes them feel included in the organization without having to travel a great distance.  

Until recently students at the satellite campuses did not have an option of participating in weekly meetings and in planning events; now they do.   At a recent chapter meeting on the main campus in Pocatello, BPA member Sue Sciebe SKYPED in from the comfort of her home in Idaho Falls.

During this meeting, members organized what they would participate in during homecoming week and began to lay the groundwork in the delivery of their annual Fall Leadership Conference which they plan for high school students.  Using technology enables the chapter to grow and allows for greater participation in Business Professionals of America.

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