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Torch, Growth and Opportunity

Contributed by National Officers

Business Professionals of America is an organization that prides itself on offering ample opportunities for professional development among its membership, as well as providing deserving individuals with recognition for their efforts in BPA.  While there are a myriad of opportunities for growth and recognition within BPA, the program that perhaps best exemplifies the core values of the organization is the Torch Awards program.

Often regarded as an integral part of the BPA experience, the aim of the Torch Awards program is to guide your efforts within our organization by encouraging and rewarding involvement in worth-while activities. There are seven different focus areas in the program and virtually any activity you complete as a member is a part of the Torch Awards program. Even something as simple as attending a local chapter meeting (Friendship 502), being a member of another organization in addition to BPA (Cooperation 309) or voting in a state government election or mock-related activity (Patriotism 712) can help you get Torch Award points!

If you have made the decision to participate in the Torch Awards program this year, you will want to start documenting your activities right away! You will find that it is rather simple to accrue points in the program but you will need to take note of each activity in your Torch Award resume. This is an essential step in helping you achieve your Torch Award goals for the year. The login page to access your resume can be found at: https://www.registermychapter.com/bpamem/Login.asp?From=TorchAwards.aspx. Your local advisor can provide you with your login information, as well as explain how to utilize the system to document your points.

If you still have questions about Torch Awards– do not worry! There are several resources available to you to ensure your success at every level of the program. In addition to your local advisor, Local and/or State Vice President, any member of the National Officer Team would be happy to address any questions or concerns you might have. I personally would love to see each of you receive your Ambassador award at NLC next spring!

Best of luck to each of you in your efforts with the Torch Awards program this year!

Best Regards,

Brooke Shefchek

National Secretary/Treasurer, Post-Secondary Division
Business Professionals of America


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