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If you have questions about the Pre-submission system, or problems, please review the questions and answers below. If you still need help, e-mail pschultz@bpa.org (please allow up to 24 hours for a response).

Our chapter doesn't show up in the drop down list!
That drop down list (in the red bar at the top) has nothing to do with pre-submissions. Your chapter does not need to show up in that list for pre-submission to work. You can ignore that drop-down list.

How do I log into the online system?

  • Advisors and State Advisors: Use your standard Membership Registration System username and password.
  • Students: Use your member ID (in the form XX-XX-XXXX, with dashes) and the password your advisor set for you when they entered you into the Membership Registration System at the beginning of the year.

I don't know my students' user IDs/passwords!

  1. As an advisor, go to the Membership Registration System and log in using your normal username and password.
  2. If you have multiple chapters, you'll need to choose a chapter.
  3. On the main screen, click "Enter/View  your members."
  4. Edit a student to see their username and to see or set their password.

When I select my event, it says "You cannot submit documents for that event, because the chosen event is for student members and you are not logged in as a student member."
For these events, documents must be submitted under the member's ID (or one member's ID in the case of a team event). If you don't know your students' IDs and passwords, refer to the instructions above.

My video is over 50MB!
Due to server limits, we have had to cap file size limits to 50 megabytes. If a video or other file is too large for this limit, upload it to a site such as Dropbox or MediaFire, OR upload it to a video streaming site such as SchoolTubeYouTube or Vimeo and then instead of submitting a video on this site, submit a text file with the URL where the video can be downloaded or viewed by the judge. You will not be penalized for submitting in this way.

Do I need to submit a statement of originality, release forms, etc., with pre-submission?
Read the guidelines carefully for each event. However, it is more critical that you have these forms AT the conference than in the pre-submission system.

For Website Design Team, it says illegal file type!
As listed in the WSAP guidelines and on the submission page for Website Design Team, you must submit ONLY a URL the judge can access to view the page, not the actual Web site files.

I submitted but did not see a confirmation page or get an e-mail.
Check carefully on the page after submitting for any error messages. You can e-mail presubmit@bpa.org to double-check if your submission made it if you did not get the confirmation page, code or e-mail. Make sure to name your conference, name, competition, etc.

The deadline is passed but I tried to upload and there was a problem!
It is up to your conference administrator to accept or reject these entries. They can add them manually in the system if they choose.

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